International Center for Occupational, Environmental and Public Health



ICOEPH Works for the Promotion of Occupational, Environmental and Public Health in Some of the World's Poorest Countries


The foundation of ICOEPH was set in 2001 with the collaboration between passionate Danish Occupational and Environmental Physicians and the Danish NGO Dialogos in the Plagbol Project of Bolivia focusing on prevention of pesticide poisonings among farmers. ICOEPH was established in 2003 as a committee under the Danish Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (DASAM) and is driven by volunteer members and collaborators representing the fields of medicine, public health, agronomy, psychology, anthropology, business studies and geology. The goal of ICOEPH is to support the development of occupational, environmental and public health in some of the world's poorest countries according to their own needs and contexts through international collaboration and exchange of knowledge. The main activities of ICOEPH are proposal writing for development/scientific projects, facilitation of implementing development/scientific projects, evaluation of development/scientific projects as well as teaching, counselling and training in the fields of occupational, environmental and public health.





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