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Farming, Health and Environment 2001-2004

Plagbol Project Proposal Phase 1

Plagbol Final Report Phase 1



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Plagbol Project Proposal Phase 2

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Healthy food and environment, Bolivia 2017-2019




- Dansk viden om forgiftninger med pesticider spredes globalt

- Occupational pesticide intoxications among farmers in Bolivia: a cross-sectional study

- Genetic Alterations in Pesticide Exposed Bolivian Farmers: An evaluation by analysis of chromosomal aberrations and the comet assay

- Is gender a risk factor for pesticide intoxications among farmers in Bolivia? A cross-sectional study

- Suicide attempts and suicides in Bolivia from 2007 to 2012: pesticides are the preferred method - females try but males commit suicide!




- Health effects of pesticide poisoning:

- Missing legislation:

- Suicide by pesticide ingestion:

- Lack of knowledge and misinformation:

- Handling of pesticides:

- Prevention of Pesticide Poisoning:



Experiences of a student

Martin Rune Hansen, Medical Student

Title of assignment: Chronic health effects of prolonged pyrethroideksponering among Bolivian spray workers

"In 2012, I was in Bolivia for three months as a part of my research year. The project was implemented as a cross-sectional study among 116 injection workers and 92 unexposed controls. The participants' level of exposure was determined using questionnaires, blood samples were taken and participants completed a series of neuropsychological tests. My stay in Bolivia was very exciting and educational. It was a really good opportunity to get away from the books and use my knowledge in practice."



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